Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Epsilon Psi Chapter


We provide a wide range of services in the legal, property, financial and insurance market. Always working closely with our clients.


Epsilon Psi Chapter has a very active youth program that is designed to develop leadership skills in our youngster and foster an appreciation for community involvement.


Future Iota Leaders (FIL) – A program for youth ages 8-18 that encourages them to realize their fullest potential while providing socialization and leadership skills.

Toys U Can’t Return – A teen pregnancy prevention project designed to educate youth about teen pregnancy and prevention.
Career Exploration – Programs are designed to help broaden youths’ awareness of and to assist in preparing them for the “world of work.”
Tutorial Program – Members assist the educational system by providing remedial help for those with academic weaknesses, and work to eradicate illiteracy.